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One of the most ambitious and comprehensive analyses of long-term Salvation Army trends ever undertaken. More than 100 charts and graphs illustrate the organization’s last 50 years of service, membership and attendances.

An analysis by the author helps the reader better understand curent and future challenges facing the Army.

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A valuable and affordable collection of documents designed to help Salvation Army leaders and program administrators.

21st Century Strategies

A 70+ page guide to planning and implementing a capital campaign designed to achieve its goal and better position The Salvation Army for future success in your community. Includes job descriptions for officers, campaign staff, board members and the campaign chairperson.

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When and how to develop outcome-based program measurements for The Salvation Army.

Membership and attendances reveal a long-term downward trend for the Army nationwide.

The outlook for the organization, if this trend continues, is  very disturbing. How did this happen, and what can we do about it?

It won’t be easy. 14 pages.

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Go ahead: Read our mind.

40+ plus years of professional work on behalf of The Salvation Army has resulted in a wide range of useful knowledge that could help you in your leadership role for the organization.

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Statistics alone are simply the proof that you have been counting things. They don’t represent proof of success in terms of changed lives. This 36-page document presents a step-by-step guide to implementing a practical system for measuring program outcomes. That’s how we can tell if we are “Doing the Most Good”.

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Products The most comprehensive guide yet written. A "wake-up call" to The Salvation Army based on long-term declines in youth program memberships and attendances in the USA