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Planning & Needs Assessment Studies

In order to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing society nonprofits must periodically determine how their programs and services relate to the community’s perceived needs and available resources.

With more than 490 studies completed in 42 states, Coles & Associates is one of the nation’s most experienced firms serving the nonprofit sector. The use of exclusive, proprietary tools and methodologies help keep Coles & Associates on the leading edge in this field of service.

Campaign Feasibility Studies

The development professionals at Coles & Associates are experienced at conducting feasibility studies that provide reliable information about the prospects for a successful capital campaign.

Each of our development associates has extensive training and experience in conducting such studies.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can provide you with a contract/proposal.

Capital Campaign Management

Coles & Associates provides campaign counsel services, typically on a monthly basis, for organizations needing to undertake a major capital campaign program. The level of service will be determined on the basis of the findings of the campaign feasibility study. In some cases, resident management of campaigns can be provided by the firm.

Walter Coles has written a comprehensive 70+ page document covering the entire process of conducting a successful capital campaign. See the Products page for more information and to order your copy.

Grant Writing and Research

Coles & Associates has a staff that is experienced in researching foundation and corporate grants and has a successful track record of securing funds from these sources.

As these funding sources become more demanding and selective it is important that applications be  professionally written and address the specific interests and goals of the foundation or corporation. The same applies to the development of contract applications with governmental sources.

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