Coles & Associates Survey of American Salvationists SAS SURVEY FINAL TABULATION.xlsm

Who are the people who call themselves Salvationists? What characteristics do they share? What skills do they possess? When did they become members? These are a few of the questions that -- until now -- could not be answered. While The Salvation Army collects general data (i.e., the total number of senior and junior soldiers), it is very limited.

In the Spring of 2012 we set about to demonstrate the value to the organization of having more detailed information about its “troop strength”. An online survey was conducted by Walter Coles that was completed by more than 1,650 officers, soldiers, retired and former officers, adherents and cadets. Thanks to Bob Gregg for his help as well.

The results are available for viewing in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats. Please click on one of the two graphics below.

2012 The American Salvationist.pdf